A Wow for Your Senses

What a great time to be out digging in the dirt! Whether you are putting in flowers or vegetables, there are terrific local sources for healthy plants. The advantage of buying from a local grower is that you can ask questions both about how your choices have been grown and advice for their upkeep. AND–you are much more likely to purchase disease-free plantings. Remember the tomato virus that was introduced via the big box stores buying infected plants from out of state growers!

And do consider planting native species for your perennials. The benefits are that they are the ones which belong in our area and therefore thrive more easily. Think about planting berry bushes to feed the birds and milkweed to support our dwindling monarch butterfly population. You can create a beautiful palette of colors and textures that will both come back and increase every year. And, of course, include compost in the soil when you are planting.

Here are suggested sources for plants and organic lawn care:

Schwarz Gardens   4355 Route 27 (Kingston) Princeton, NJ 08540  732.297.7101  IMG_1048   IMG_1047


Jane, the owner, of Schwarz Gardens, has a very good selection of healthy vegetable, herb, annual, perennial, and indoor plants for very reasonable prices. Watch for the brown sign saying Schwarz Gardens on the left going north on Rte. 27 about a mile past the shopping center (you will first pass a large menorah on the right).

Wild Ridge Plants   Pohatcong, NJ  08865  609.651.2705

native-2-300x225Jared Rosenbaum supplies both the  plants and the consultation/design to establish a wide variety of New Jersey native species in your garden. He and his wife, Rachel Mackow, raise all their plants in their greenhouses for both retail and wholesale purchases.  www.wildridgeplants.com



Terhune Orchards  330 Cold Soil Road, Princeton, NJ 08540  609.924.2310


Pam and Gary Mount are the owners of Terhune Orchards and they welcome you to their farm every day of the week. You will find lovely plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, their delicious cider, and their very own wine–together with locally baked goods—all in the farm store. www.terhuneorchards.com

Woodwinds Associates    4492 Route 27 (Kingston) Princeton, NJ 08540  609.924.3500

Pepper deTuro will take care of your trees and landscape with the approach of maintaining their long term health. That is, supplying them with the organically sourced nutrients that help develop strong deep roots. IMG_1064He has created an organic worm tea plant food that you can use on your lawn , in your garden, and for your house plants.    www.woodwindsassociates.com




D & R Greenway Land Trust    One Preservation Place, Princeton NJ 08540  609.924.4646

IMG_1059The Native Plant Nursery at D & R Greenway is another source for native species. On Fridays from June through August (except on July 3rd) the nursery is open from 3 – 5 pm and they will answer  your questions about planning your garden.  www.drgreenway.org

Organi-green    2451 Pennington Road, Pennington, NJ 08534   609.737.0760

IMG_1049Organi-green is the organic lawn care system that Anton Kuppek developed for his company, Kuppek Landscape, as an alternative to toxic chemical lawn applications. Anton achieves healthy turf growth utilizing all natural products that sustain the ecological balance of the soil and that create a safe environment for people and pets.     www.kuppek.com



Other good sources for healthy plantings are at your local farmers’ markets.  You can locate the one nearest you by going on  www.jerseyfresh.nj.org       Watch for my coming blog “How to Start Your Own Compost Pile”.