A stunning array of native plant choices for a continued blooming season.


Trees, bushes, and flowering plants provide beauty to enjoy and food and habitat for our native pollinators.

Nature thrives in interactive systems and that is how I create gardens.

Available levels of services:


Level one:

– Consultation that includes general assessment of garden site: soil type, sun/shade exposures, dry/moist conditions, existing growth/structures, site use intentions, deer access, color palette preferences, initial suggestions. Fee is $75.00


Level two:

– Design creation cost based on above analysis


Level three:

– Design approval


Level four:

– Estimate created if client chooses Judith K. Robinson to implement her design. The estimate includes cost & delivery of plants, soil amendments, mulch material, additional supplies, project management fee, JKR oversight of installation crew, and crew installation estimate.  


– Optional extra: scheduled visits by JKR for upkeep and guidance during first two years.


Each element of the above can be chosen and priced accordingly.



Native Pollinator Hedgerows for Farmers

Pollination is essential for most food crops and it is the native pollinator- bees, butterflies, insects, and birds – that are the most efficient workers at doing this. They not only provide the very basic task of pollinating but they also increase crop yield and help to create a richer tasting product.

The use of pesticides and herbicides have decimated the overall population of these pollinators. The loss of habitat for breeding and lack of food supply has further contributed to the decline. As they provide the basic underpinning of our ecological system, it is crucial to repair these problems. Farmers can be a significant actor in this process by interspersing farm fields with habitat hedgerows and diminishing the use of destructive chemicals. I can work with you to accomplish this very important task.