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What is a healthy food system?

  • What are your real choices?
  • Which ingredients are right for you?  
  • How do you prepare those healthy choices?

Join me for a journey that has a specific starting point that begins new eating habits. It is a path that is full of discovery and satisfaction and that offers tools that create the benefits of renewed energy, vitality, fun, and lightness of step!

From “soil to table” we explore the why and the how to achieve cleaner goals for ourselves and our environment.

To help you make the choices that will change your life – and our world – I combine my professional experience as an organic grower, healthy eating teacher, communications and workshop leader with my in-depth study of the link between the nutritional value of food and the health of the soil system. ~ Judith Robinson


What does “organically raised” mean and why would you choose it?

First of all – it should be certified organic or you should know that the farmer’s methods of growing the crops are organic though they might not be formally certified. Because of the paperwork and expense some farmers choose to not be certified but do adhere to organic standards. These standards have very definitive parameters as to what may be incorporated into the soil and what can used as pest controls. READ MORE…


More farmers in New Jersey are growing their crops with organic methods.

They are selling directly to the public through CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) that you join and then every week you pick up your share from the farm or a market. The farmers’ markets are also sprouting up all over the state where you can buy from their stand. READ MORE…