Workshops/Descriptions & Schedule

For a more detailed description and pricing of the following workshops that I teach and, if you are interested in having any of the workshops conducted at your company or group, please contact me at or fill out my contact form and I will respond. These workshops also create an atmosphere of team building as the group is interactive and supportive. The length of the sessions can be adjusted to fit the time frame for your company.

Workshop Clients:

  • Breast Cancer Resource Center, Princeton, NJ
  • D & R Greenway Land Trust, Princeton, NJ
  • Progression Physical Therapy, Princeton, NJ
  • Munich Reinsurance America

Soil to Table: Food Choices & You

In order to change our eating habits, it is essential to understand the why and to learn the tools of how.

My workshops teach what it means to make healthy choices and how to incorporate them as new habits into our day-to-day lives. It is a simple process and I take you through the steps so that these new habits truly become your own. Each weekly session introduces new choices and the practical ways to apply the researched information which includes day menu plans, recipes, local resources for the ingredients, recommended brands, healthy cooking techniques, and detailed information about nutritional food values. Important, also, are the connections that are created between the participants as they explore together the changes, the challenges, the solutions, the support, and the joy of experiencing the rewards of having more energy and a cleaner functioning body.

Native Plant Landscaping

Learn how to create a plan for your garden which uses beautiful perennial native plants and trees that will support the birds and butterflies and other pollinators. We will cover: type of soil and needs; design a plan for your garden; local resources for native species; and gardening without using poisonous pesticides and herbicides. Turn your lawn into a healthy ecosystem!

How to Grow Your Own Organic Garden

Growing your own vegetables and fruits organically pays you back in so many ways. The tastes, the nutritional content, the lack of poisonous chemicals, the beauty of your garden, and the exercise—are all benefits which reward you when you create this new experience.

How to Can and Freeze Fruits and Vegetables

You can preserve the excess from your own garden or what you buy from a local farmer or farmers’ market and enjoy it all through the non-growing season. Heating up a delicious soup in the midst of winter that you made from fresh vegetables in the summer is so satisfying. Opening that jar of peach jam to spread on your toast—deeelicious!

Comments from participants:

“I loved your classes. Your food plans were so helpful to change my choices.”

“The guidance throughout the whole course gave me a whole new way of looking at food.”

“Your knowledge, your presentation, your printouts, and your fun spirit made the experience for me enjoyable from beginning to end.”