Version 2My professional experience as a Nonprofit Director, Artistic Director, Educator, Communications Consultant, Video Director/Producer, and Actor has given me the skills to approach a task with a multi-layered depth of development.

I grew up on the sidewalks of New York City and on the green WILDS of New Jersey. My father was a playwright and a constant learner and my mother was an intuitively wonderful cook who always used fresh ingredients, hardly ever referring to a cookbook (note! she did not like baking so rarely did it).

The seeds from both their interests are combined in my life interests. I have vivid memories of the loamy smells of the composting leaves that my father and I dug into our long vegetable garden; the rich taste filling my mouth from a just picked slightly warm tomato sprinkled with salt; the sight of the colorful jars of food that my mother processed when I was little. All of this laid the foundation for my later studying the composition and biology of soils; the techniques for growing food without synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides; researching and choosing the best available foods for my system and how to prepare them; and my fascination for how all life depends on an interacting and interdependent system of diverse layers.